Since 2004, Lehigh Valley Critter Care has provided reliable and honest pet care and professional pet sitting services for busy residents in Allentown and the surrounding areas. As pet owners, we understand how pets change our lives and become an integral part of the home.
  Lehigh Valley Critter Care is bonded and insured, a proud member of PSI (Pet Sitters International), and a Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS). That is why we provide such loving care - we know your pets mean the world.

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We take the job of caring for your pets very seriously; we are trained and experienced with handling pets, and we're always reading up on how to best work with different breeds and animals. It allows us to better interact with your pets and allows you to know they're in great hands. We take part in online classes to learn about new and upcoming ways to help you and your pets.


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My name is Karen, I am the founder and owner of Lehigh Valley Critter Care. As a young girl, I would go to dog shows and training classes with my grandmother. She taught me all about dog shows, training a dog, and how to handle different breeds and situations.

As I grew older, my family and I started raising puppies for the Seeing Eye in NJ. Out of the 11 we raised, five are Dog Guides and one was a breeder for four years, then returned to us.

After that, we started fostering dogs for different rescues. We fostered numerous dogs which all found loving homes. We even fostered a litter of puppies with their mom!

My goal in life was to always work with dogs, cats, and other pets. I can now say I am fulfilling that goal in passion!